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HCG Weight Loss

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HCG Weight Loss Programs Birmingham, AL

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Weight Loss Breakthrough — the Amazing HCG Diet!

Many people, both men and women, exercise regularly and watch their diets but can't seem to lose weight. This is because they are consuming normal reserves of fat, not the accumulations of abnormal fat that are present throughout the body. Using the HCG hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin) allows the deposits of abnormal fat that cause obesity to be consumed by the body.

Birmingham, Alabama HCG Weight Loss

Patients can lose weight at a rate of up to a pound per day with the HCG diet at the Center for Hormonal Healing™. The HCG weight loss program at our Alabama Hormone Center close to Birmingham and Hoover is professionally supervised by the physicians of Hedden Plastic Surgery. Contact us today at 205-980-1744 or contact us by email to arrange for your consultation!

Have you wondered if HCG therapy really works?

The answer is YES, and we have the patient track record to prove it. The HCG weight loss program at the Center for Hormonal Healing™ in Birmingham, Alabama can help you lose up to a pound a day and keep the weight off. Thank you for visiting our website to learn about our HCG program.

HCG is administered by self-injection, a method proven to work with a 95% success rate. Programs start at $499 — please contact our Center today to schedule a consultation.

HCG Weight Loss Guarantee

We are the only HCG Weight Loss Program with a guarantee! Patients who purchase our 40-day HCG program are guaranteed to lose an average of at least 1/2 a pound per day, or they will receive a second 40-day program at cost or may apply the full cost of the HCG program to Liposuction or a Tummy Tuck.

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