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HCG Weight Loss

Weight loss therapy that really works

The HCG Patient Process

Our program at the Center for Hormonal Healing™ in Birmingham, Alabama is simple and straightforward. All patients complete the following eight-step process, which includes a patient consultation, a physical at our office and a final review upon completion of the program.

Patient Process — What to Expect

  • Call our office at 205-980-1744 to schedule a patient consultation where the program is explained in detail.
  • Thoroughly read and understand the HCG protocol as it was developed by Dr. Simeons.
  • Visit a lab to have your blood drawn.
  • Undergo a physical at our office to determine if you qualify.
  • Depending on your weight, begin your program.
  • Follow-up appointment halfway through your program.
  • Final appointment and review upon completion of program.
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The cost of our HCG programs start at $499. The cost includes the HCG serum, medical supplies and all appointments — the initial consultation, check-up appointments and your final visit. All patients have email and phone access to our staff if you have any questions. There is a charge of $15 to replace each dose of lost serum. Patients who undergo a second HCG protocol receive 20% off. Lipo shots to aid in the weight loss process are available for $25 per week.

WARNING — HCG does not come in any FDA-approved oral form and is only legally available when prescribed by a physician after proper testing and physical.

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