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HCG Weight Loss

Weight loss therapy that really works

Proven Results With HCG Therapy

See the real life stories of HCG weight loss patients below. The results and stories speak for themselves. Many dieters have tried everything. Our HCG program is often their last hope. We grin with confidence as they start their personalized program because we know it works!

HCG has worked for thousands of patients and it can work for you too. Read the patient success stories below and schedule your consultation by calling 205-980-1744 today.

Success Stories

HCG Success — Lost 23 Pounds

Prior to starting the HCG protocol, I had been exercising every day and eating what I believed to be a sensible diet. No matter how I changed my exercise or diet routine, I could never lose weight, inches or fat.

During the HCG protocol, I lost 23 pounds in 46 days, inches from all over my body, and lots of fat. My weight went from 136 to 113. My body analysis showed that the entire 23 pounds lost was all fat - no muscle lost.

The amazing part is that I had more energy on just 500 calories a day than I had prior to starting the HCG. My energy level was so high that I could exercise at the same level and do all the other things that life demands. — Donna

HCG Success — Lost 35 Pounds

I am an HCG success story! I was at least 35 pounds overweight and was shocked to find out that I was considered to be "obese." After a few weeks of HCG, I had reached my goal with no noticeable hunger or loss of energy. I look and feel better about myself and would do it again in a heartbeat. — Joseph

HCG Success — Lost 27 Pounds

I was amazed with my results on the HCG diet. I was never hungry during the whole time and always had plenty of energy. It was a little hard to get used to the first few days, but everything started to fall into place and I lost 27 pounds in just over a month! I was so excited to have my weigh-in each day and watch the pounds fall off! — Monica

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